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Preschool Combination

Children develop coordination, gross motor skills and rhythm while having fun using movement. More advanced combination classes focus on vocabulary, movement, structure and learning more challenging steps.

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A fun, energetic dance style consisting of rhythm, style and musicality through progressive footwork, tap uses the sound of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion and beats. This classic technique is great workout.

Hip Hop

Featuring elements such as popping, locking and breaking, as well as freestyle movement, hip hop is for students who want to get "funky".  Classes include warm-up, stretching and choreography. 


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Beginners learn basic body and feet positions, barre technique, center floor technique, and terminology. Classes for advanced students focus on developing flexibility and strengthening the legs, feet and body core.

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One of the most popular dance forms,  contemporary combines raw emotion, systematic breathing, ballet technique and pushing the limits of the human form and physique. Ballet is strongly recommended.



Cheerleading ranges from chanting, dancing to tumbling for sports team motivation, audience entertainment, or competition based upon organized routines.


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Jazz combines classical ballet moves with steps from American pop culture. Classes include core strengthening, warm ups, isolations, stretching, across the floor, leaps, turns, center progressions and free style.

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Lyrical is a softer dance style that incorporates ballet and jazz technique. Dancers are encouraged to "let go" and feel the music, communicating their emotion and connection to the song through movement. 



Classes begin with basic gymnastics fundamentals — backbends, handstands, forward and backward rolls — and progress to cartwheels, round-offs and front and back walkovers.